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Full Version: Adding tier 7 recipes
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Hi I just entered the community and was trying to include some tier 7 cook recipes. However in the add recipe area there's no option to select tier 7 from the dropdown menu.

Any help on this?
Ah Good point, I will fix this shortly
(12-31-2011 04:40 AM)Nav Wrote: [ -> ]Ah Good point, I will fix this shortly

Thanks, however I encountered a new problem, not sure if it applies for all westfold recipes, but the bilberry pie recipe has no image

So I can't add the recipe cause it asks me to put a link to the recipe image, which up till now doesnt exist in the lorebook.

Thanks, just trying to help =)

edit: I'm meanwhile using this image (which appears at the recipes page, but is not a recipe image):
just to finish it and see if all went well, and later edit it (and add more recipes =)).

edit2: not sure if it takes some time for the database to update, however not all ingredients are showing up and i got some text error

Warning: Division by zero in /home/naveedious/ on line 375

Warning: array_shift() [function.array-shift]: The argument should be an array in /home/naveedious/ on line 493
Thanks for all the feedback eloyolo, I will be doing some troubleshooting over the next few days on the issues you described.

As for the image, just use any tier 7 cook image, its there mainly for neatness really, so it does not have to be the image for the exact recipe.

Also the division by zero error occurs if a crafted item is added to the list of ingredients - the error occurs is the recipe for that item is not in the database.

Hope that makes sense?

Keep the feedback coming!
OK the Bilberry Pie Recipe should be in the calc now, I will add other ones to see if all but issues have been ironed out. Try adding a few others.
Ok, will try to add new recipes as well, I havent got to Isengard yet but Ill post the recipes I can get.

Edited the bilberry pie, shire apple was missing.
Did the editing of the recipe work well?
Yes, however some recipes seem old, for example the shire apple recipe says you need Shire Apple Seed, but what you need is a generic vegetable tier seed, I guess it was not updated for that change. Slowly I can try and change some of these recipes.

It also seems like there's a delay in the update process of the database (or at least I think so), but will keep trying to add recipes and to edit the ones that I encounter on the road.
Indeed, most of the farming recipes are out of date, which is why the editing portion was made. Was hoping more people like you would help keep the database updated.
Ok, Im now editing the tier 1 farming recipes (better start somewhere)
I'm advancing in the list using this page
i.e. I first edited Lily of the valley, then Spring barley, etc. Following that order.
Equivalent seeds for tier 1 have been added: apprentice crop seed, apprentice pipe.weed seed etc.
Will go on little by little =)

Trying to do this a bit organized so I can remember which recipes are already updated.

EDIT: Ok i finished tier 1 and 2, however there are some recipes I dont even know about (maybe from some festival or anniversary?) so those i didnt edit them:
Tighfield Choice Field (
Muddy Foot Field (

Edit 2: Will start editing farmer master recipes some other day.
I didnt touch any of the recipes that do not include the new type of items and that instead list a particular seed for the crop. Also on a side note, are scholar ingredients for dyes not included in the recipes outcome? i.e saffron thread, onion skins, etc.
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