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Full Version: Filters / Discounts
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A nice filter to see would be "show crafted items only," possibly profession-specific. Basically the opposite of "show collectable items only." It would make it easier for farmers to figure out what they need to farm for a specific recipe without having to look through all the vendor items as well.

Another thing would be to have a discount entry for neighbourhood / reputation discounts on vendor items.

Just some ideas...
Interesting suggestions, I had thought about the discounts - will try and implement that at some point as well as the filter. At the moment most of my time is being taken up by the recipe editor. Once I have completed that will work with glux on implementing those new features Smile
Hi Sorrieah and welcome to the forums,

Thank you for your feedback. You've made some very useful suggestions on how we can improve the calculator, but it might take a while.
We don't exactly have a classy, top-notch development team working on this, so it basically comes down to when me or Nav both have some spare time, and feel motivated enough to put away the Doritos, stop playing the actual game this was made for and start thinking about how to implement new features.

Anyway, just wanted to let you know that we appreciate your suggestions and will work toward them in the future.

Now... Where were those Doritos?
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